The Research Fundation - How you've helped us to help others

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Currently we are supporting a number of major projects in cooperation with Trinity College, the Royal College of Surgeons and the Dublin Institute of Technology. Examples include:

  1. The culturing of stem cells from the eye to benefit patients undergoing corneal transplant
  2. A new study into ocular melanoma, a tumour of the eye which can result in loss of the eye in advanced cases, although great progress is being made in therapy for this particularly with the opening of the National Ocular Oncology service at the Eye and Ear Hospital 3 years ago.
  3. A study on the effects of smoking on macular degeneration which has allowed us to further our understanding of the causes of this common cause of blindness in the aging population.

The Eithne Walls fund provides particular support to young doctors at the hospital engaging in research and wishing to travel abroad to present at international meetings.
In this way we are keeping Eithne's memory very much alive in a way she would have approved of - supporting her young colleagues in their research.

We also provide support to students taking higher degrees whilst participating in research into diseases of the eye at the Royal College of Surgeons, under the guidance of Professor Conor Murphy.

We are grateful to all Eithne's friends and to her colleagues from Riverdance matched with generous contribution from Abhann Productions, who together raised €7,500 through their efforts in the Women's marathon.

We are looking forward to a good day again this year - hopefully in more clement weather and thanks again to all those who are running, walking, or just cheering from the sideline - your donations are gratefully received!