Mission Statement

The Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital Research Foundation Limited is a registered charity (Charity Registration No 20083533).
Since its establishment in 1974, the Research Foundation has supported clinical research in the prevention and treatment of eye and ear diseases. It is the aim of the Research Foundation to development new treatments for eye and ear conditions that will eliminate hearing and sight loss. This will lead to a better understanding of how to treat and prevent eye and ear disease which in turn will result in improved patient care and enhanced quality of life for patients.
The Research Foundation is a charitable Company Limited by guarantee and registered in Ireland.


The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital Research Foundation

The Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital Research Foundation Limited, the brainchild of Dr. Alan Mooney, was established in 1974. The Hospital Council nominated a committee consisting of 9 Ophthalmic and ENT Consultants with Alan Mooney as Chairman. The committee immediately embarked on a fund-raising campaign to build a unit which would facilitate research into diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the committee and Alan Mooney, in particular, the embryo Research Unit was opened in a converted mobile home in 1976 and, with further public fund-raising, the present permanent Research Unit building was opened by the then Minister for Health, Dr. Michael Woods, in March 1981. Over subsequent years, funding for research in the unit has depended on an annual contribution from the Eye and Ear Hospital, charitable donations from the general public and funds raised from services provided by the Research Unit relating to Ophthalmic and Auditory disorders.

Since its establishment in 1974, the Research Foundation at the Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital, Dublin has had a particular interest in patients with various forms of inherited and retinal diseases. It was amongst the first centres in the country to develop electrodiagnostics to aid in the diagnosis and assessment of patients with blinding conditions. Today, the unit possesses state-of-the-art electrodiagnostic equipment and can carry out the full range of electrodiagnostic tests of retinal and visual function to the highest international standards. The remit of the Research Foundation has expanded over the last number of years and carries out research in various types of eye disease including retinal disease, ocular oncology, ocular inflammation, corneal disease and eye complications of systemic disease.
These research studies in Ophthalmology are crucial in the treatment and causes of eye disease, sight loss and blinding conditions.

Research Activity

The main function of the Research Foundation is to fund research projects which further our understanding of diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat.

The Research Foundation also provides funding for trainee doctors to undertake higher degree studies. Current collaborations include postgraduate research projects at Trinity College Dublin, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, and Dublin City University.

In Collaboration with the Ocular Genetics Unit at Trinity College, Dublin, the Research Foundation has been active in identifying large Irish families with forms of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). To date, this collaboration has resulted in the identification of a number of genes including Rhodopsin, Peripherin/RDS and the mitochondrial gene. Recently, the group identified a mutation in the IMPDH1 gene in a large Spanish kindred with a severe and early onset form of autosomal dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa. Other projects include research into macular degeneration, the adverse effects of cigarette smoking on the retina, the corneal stem cell project and micro-RNA profiling.

Governance Structure

The Research Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. It is the duty of the Directors to help achieve the Research Foundationís charitable objectives and to safeguard and promote its values. The Directors meet on a quarterly basis. The Directors are accountable to the Members of the Research Foundation who meet once a year at the Annual General Meeting.

Board of Directors

  • Professor Conor Murphy (Chairman)
    Professor of Ophthalmology
    Joint appointment: Professor of Ophthalmology at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
    Fellowship Training: Ocular immunology and uveitis, Bristol Eye Hospital, Bristol, United Kingdom; Cornea and external eye disease, Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia; Cornea and external eye disease, St Paul's Eye Unit, Liverpool, United Kingdom.
    Special Interests: Cataract Surgery, Corneal Surgery , External Eye Disease, Inflammatory Eye Disease, Medical Education, Ocular Immunology
    Research: Innate immunity of the ocular surface, herpetic eye disease, medical education.
  • Ms Aoife Doyle (Treasurer)
    Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital
    Joint appointment at St.James's Hospital
    Fellowship Training:The Glaucoma Institute, Foundation Hospital St Joseph, Paris.
    Special Interests:Cataract Surgery, Deep Sclerectomy, Laser including Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, Trabeculectomy
    Biodegradeable drug delivery systems, Newantifibrotic agents got glaucoma surgery, selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT)
  • Mr Mark Cahill
  • Mr Julian Douglas
  • Ms Lorraine Foley
  • Mr Noel Horgan
  • Mr Edward Loane
  • Prof. Conor Murphy
  • Mr Barry Quill

Members of the Research Foundation

  • Mr Patrick Dowling
  • Mr William Power
  • Mr Louis Collum
  • Dr Jim Ruane
  • Mr Peter Barry
  • Mr David Charles

Research Staff

  • Karen Collins
    Senior Electrodiagnostic Technician / Clinical Trials Co-ordinator
  • Hillary Dempsey
    Chief Electrodiagnostic Technician
  • Dr. Niamh Wynne
    BSc, Bch, BaO, MRCSI (Ophth), Msc (Distinct), FEBO,
    Clinical Research Fellowr

Fundraising Principles

The Research Foundation, Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital is fully committed to achieving the standards contained within the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. Learn more about the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising or download the document here (PDF).

The Statement exists to:

  1. Improve fundraising practice.
  2. Promote high levels of accountability and transparency by organisations fundraising from the public.
  3. Provide clarity and assurances to donors and prospective donors about the organisations they support.

We Research Foundation, Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital have considered the Statement and believe we meet the standards it sets out.

  1. Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising
  2. Donor Charter Statement | Download as a PDF document or as a MS Word Document
  3. Feedback & complaints procedure | Download as a PDF document or as a MS Word Document

The Research Foundation, Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital report on our fundraising activities is available in our most recent Annual Report (PDF)

For more information on Principles of Good Fundraising please visit the ICTR website

We welcome your feedback on our performance via any of the contact points provided.

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